As we age, some of us may begin to notice dark spaces between our teeth and gums, clinically known as open gingival embrasures.  Many factors can cause these spaces to form, such as bone loss and movement of the teeth.  Although this does not harm our teeth, it can make our smile look older and less healthy, as well as trap food. 

Bioclear is a minimally invasive method to help close black triangular spaces and diastemas between front teeth. This treatment consists of using special clear forms, which are filled with composite to help recontour the shape of teeth, giving a more natural and fuller look.

The Bioclear method is a less costly alternative to achieving a more aesthetic smile. It avoids the costly lab fees that come along with veneer and crown cases. It is usually a one-visit appointment and requires the removal of less natural tooth structure.

before bioclear
after bioclear

Why Choose The BioClear Technique?

We love the Bioclear technique because it meets our philosophy of conservative, minimally invasive dentistry. It is always best to take the least approach first. Though traditional veneers can significantly enhance your look, we think you’ll find that this approach offers an aesthetically pleasing look that is more affordable, strong and long-lasting. 
Long Lasting And Repairable

Like traditional veneers, the average lifespan of Bioclear veneers can vary greatly depending on how you care for them. Both treatments average about a decade in wear. The biggest difference with Bioclear is the ease of repair. Traditional porcelain veneers should last you many years, but they are subject to breakage. When breakage occurs, you will need to replace the veneer shell which will be expensive and require at least two office visits. Bioclear Veneers likewise should last you many years, they are less susceptible to breakage, but if they do, they can be repaired in place.

Stain Resistant

Restorations completed using Bioclear do not stain like a composite filling or even like a porcelain crown. Your Bioclear veneer will stain like natural tooth enamel but can easily be maintained with regular brushing and routine dental cleanings. We advise you to develop and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine of daily brushing and flossing to care for your restoration as you should your natural teeth.

Less Cost

Your dental cosmetic treatment is always customized, so prices can vary. On average, Bioclear veneers are 20-25% less in cost than traditional veneers. This is in part because we are cutting out the dental lab for the fabrication of a porcelain shell and completing the work in one office visit as opposed to two. The cost of our expertise, artistry, and time is still factored in. Going forward, any repairs are also less for the same reasons stated.